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    Vinda main shareholder increased shares of the company

    Controlling shareholder of Vinda - Fu An International Company Limited announced to have bought in 2,200,000 shares of Vinda International Group at an average price of 2.1995 HKD, taking up 30.89% shares of the Group after the purchase. 

    Fu An International Company was jointly owned by Chairman and CEO of Vinda International Group Li Chao Wang, COO and executive director Yu Yi Fang, and CTO and executive director Dong Yi Ping. 

    “The move shows Fu An’s confidence in Vinda’s future businesses”, Chairman and CEO of Vinda International Group Li Chao Wang said, “At Vinda, we will continue to increase product added-value through more product development, improve cost structure and gross profits. We will also strive to grow market share in the Southwest and East China market.”