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    Groundbreaking Ceremony for Vinda’s 10th Production Base Held in Yangjiang

    Vinda Group, China’s leading household paper company, held the groundbreaking ceremony for its 10th production base in Yangjiang on 25th Sep.

    About 200 people attended the ceremony, including: deputy mayor of Yangjiang Mr. Jiao Lansheng, director of the Yangjiang high-tech zone management committee Mr.Cai Dewei, director of household paper committee in China Paper Association Dr. Cao Zhenlei, CEO at SCA Mr. Carl Magnus Groth, chairman of Vinda International Holdings, Mr. Li Chaowang and all management from Vinda.

    In the ceremony, Chairman Li thanked the Yangjiang municipal government for their full support and anticipated Vinda to achieve new highs in the city.

    Mr. Carl Magnus Groth, CEO at SCA, talked about Vinda’s relationship with SCA in his remarks. Vinda’s robust performance and diversified development, he said, were the fundamental reason for cooperation. For years, Vinda and SCA have always shared the vision to provide quality hygiene products. He believed SCA and Vinda together would continue to create synergy and achieve win-win results.

    In remarks by Mr. Jiao Lansheng, member of the standing committee in Yangjiang, he said, Yangjiang has always looked forward to cooperation with Vinda. He was confident that Vinda’s would greatly boost green economy for the city.

    Dr. Cao Zhenlei, director of household paper committee in China Paper association, talked about challenges and opportunities in the industry.

    With a designed capacity of 190 thousand tons of high-end household tissue, the Yangjiang factory is Vinda’s 10th production base in China. Its establishment serves as.

    Yangjiang project demonstrates Vinda’s aspiration for innovation and excellence. With global views, Vinda will continue to achieve new highs in the next 30 years.