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    Tempo is a premium tissue brand born in Germany, 1929. In last century’s Berlin, housewives spent a great amount of time to wash and iron handkerchief as a piece of clean and proper handkerchief was about good taste and education. Paper handkerchief was invented in the Great Depression. The paper handkerchief was named Tempo, meaning speed and stride in German, after people’s wishes for faster development. A convenient replacement of cotton handkerchief, Tempo quickly became a famous household brand in Germany with its quality products.

    Tempo has been sold to many European countries in its history of more than 90 years. It leads the sales in Germany, Italy, Sweden and Austria, and has ranked the 1st in sales volume in Hong Kong SAR,China for consecutive years.




    ?4-ply (extra strong);
    ?perfect softness and strength balance;
    ?100% virgin wood pulp;
    ?6 flavors to cater to consumers' needs.



    ?4-ply (extra strong);
    ?perfect softness and strength balance;
    ?fine feather embossment; 
    ?100% virgin wood pulp;
    ?3 flavors to cater to consumers' needs.

    Box Tissue

    Box Tissue:

    ?3-ply (extra strong);
    ?perfect softness and strength balance;
    ?fine feather embossment;
    ?100% virgin wood pulp;
    ?3 flavors to cater to consumers' needs.

    Wet Wipes

    Wet Wipes:

    ?Made from 100% cotton non-woven fabric; gentle, soft and skin friendly;
    ?European Union certified disinfectant wet wipe effectively kills e.coli, staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans;
    ?Tempo wet wipe with aloe vera essence, moisturizing and refreshing your skin.Contains natural ingredients such as mint, tea saponin,ginkgetin; keep you refresh all day;
    ?Tempo make-up removal wet wipe:contains herbal essence and moisturize and clean the skin with a wipe.


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    • Hong Kong SAR, China
    • Mainland, China

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