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    From Sweden

    Libero was born in the charming little town of Molnlycke, Sweden. Generations of Scandinavian moms have trusted Libero for their little ones for more than 60 years.

    Natural care
    We are proud to present addictive free products and our products are produced with 100% Sweden virgin wood pulp, bringing ultra-soft and comfortable experience for babies.

    Effective design
    At Libero, we insist in designing products that meet baby’s need. We are committed to making diapers that are as fit and comfortable as a pair of regular underpants, so that mammy can enjoy happy moments with baby worry free. For us, it is more than a piece of diaper. We always want to make it more exciting and attractive.
    Trendy and unique design are what we strive to deliver. We hope you enjoy these features as we like it.


    Comfort Diaper

    ?Ultra-soft and supreme comfort;
    ?Freeflex stretchy waistband:Comfortable and fit;
    ?Dual Core Design:High absorbency to lock water and maintain healthy skin;
    ?Soft and breathable layer:Good breathability to avoid skin problems and keep skin dry;
    ?Trendy products and package design:Trendy, cute and funny limited edition products and package.

    Up & Go:
    ?Enjoy freedom to move with ultra-soft and flexible pants diapers;
    ?Ultra-soft and flexible waistband; dry and water-locked; soft and breathable layer;easy to change.

    Baby wet wipes:
    ?Contains natural ingredients such as olive oil from Northern Europe. It offers a gentle protection to baby’s skin;
    ?Fine embossment design and touch help reduce friction and provide gentle experience. The wet wipes are fragrant, alcohol and pigment free.

    • China
    • Taiwan
    • South Korea